My Vision on Astrology

Sri Ramajayam

“Om Sri Gurubhyo namaha”

Astrology is a BOON, given to the human beings on the earth, by lord Shiva. We all indebted to our Rishis and Sages who found out the characters, gunas and movements of the planets in the galaxy and their effect on earth under the Sun especially on human beings, with their depth of knowledge, sincere prayers and severe penance.  Our ancestors who were curious to know about the secrets of birth-rebirth and the fate-fortune  of the human beings  searched their findings from the scripts and from the disciple/students of those Rishis and Munis.  They translated the original scripts and lessons whatever they found in other languages and made available as the know-how today.

Men and women have been curious to know their future since the dawn of human civilization and will be keen for the same in future also. Those who can read a chart of a human beings is called “Deivagnan” an ‘Astrologer’.

‘‘Siddhamanthro janathi jathakam” – a man blessed with appropriate Manthra i.e. blessed by a deity, alone can understand a horoscope truly. 

                  Nabhukthim sheeyathe karma kalpa koti sadhairbhi: || 

People in this world enjoy happiness and undergo miseries according to their karma of previous births.  Their happiness or miseries are not permanent.  There are always ups and downs in one’s life.  Shri Adhi Sankara in his ‘Brahmasuthra’ says that every jeevan is like a small lamp lighted from a big lamp.  ‘Brahmandam’ or ‘Paramporul’ is ‘big lamp.  Every Jeevan – ‘pindandam born in this world is  ‘small lamp.  All small lamps are not lighting alike even though oil, thiri, etc are same in quantity and quality.  Some lamps off by insects and some by wind.  Some lamps lighting till the oil and thread is exhausted.  Likewise, each and every living being in this earth live according to their previous karma for certain years and some live long with happy and miseries.              Avasyam anu bhog davyam krudham karma subha subham: |meaning-“One has to undergo the papa and punya karma palan – happiness and miseries.  Even if it would be hundred kodi years, the karma has to be experienced”. 
An Astrologer can know  the individuals’ fate, lifestyle, parents, education, marriage, job, progeny and fortunes and misfortunes by reading the sacred janma kundali of the person provided the details given in the chart are accurate.There is a sloka in “Jathaka Abaranam”“Sajanma pathri vimala nayasya thath jeevitham santhatham anthakam syath Analpa malpamsa thathollagam va nakalpathey    bhagyamadheevaheydho:||meaning-
“Those who do not know the future from the sacred janma kundali would be struggling in the darkness.  They could not aware of the purpose of the birth, what should do, what fortunes and misfortunes would  happen in this world.  They would be struggling like a ship in sea storm”.
“Shri janma pathri subha dheepakena vyagtham bhaveth bhavi bhalamsamastham Shabhapradheepena yadhalayastham ghadathi jatham       pragadathvameth:||meaning-
“How a lamp can help to see all the things in a dark room, how lamp in hand help him to cross the path with ups and pits in dark, an  accurately erected janma kundali would help a man to know the fortunes and misfortunes that are going to happen in his life.  It helps him to set right his life pattern like a torch which helps to cross the road in darkness”.Those who are blessed only can predict a chart of a native.  Therefore, the astrologers should be God- fearing, pure, sincere and truthful. 

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